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For the heart-centered, soul-led leader ready to use the wisdom of the body and breath to ignite the mission on your soul.

Neshama connection is for you if you're ready to...

  • Reclaim your unique gifts— you know, the ones that came effortlessly to you as a little girl.

  • Deepen your intuition and connection to your body's signals.

  • Shed old stories & limiting beliefs that have kept you cycling in toxic patterns for far too long.

  • Quit people pleasing, develop stronger boundaries and stop overcompensating at the expense of your own joy. 

if you're a self-development junkie, you "know all the things" but feel like you're not actually living them...


it's timE to use somatic Healing & breathwork to finally embody & become the person you are meant to be.

Scratch that. it's time to remember what already exists within you.



Shira S.

Joe D.

Pratibha D.

I seriously got transported to another planet and felt like I was physically present with old versions of myself and felt healing to a degree I've never experienced before despite 10 year of therapy.

Jess creates a space of true deep healing when she is facilitating. As a somatic coach and breathwork facilitator, I can feel her connection to her intuition and it shows. Working with Jess has provided a beautiful opportunity for me to heal my relationship to the feminine and connect to the divine feminine energy that resides within me. She gives off a safe and nurturing presence, which is exactly what you want when navigating through heavy content in the inner space. 

The most incredible session I’ve had to date! And I’ve had many! Jess has something special! She rocks it, she is stern, she knows when to que and how to really guide you through a journey with great timings for songs. Her music was the best I’ve experienced to date.


I celebrate it all. Her gentleness, her presence make you feel very good. She envelops us in her softness and we let ourselves be lulled. Her voice, her pace, her music was so good!

Karla S.

Jess is a fabulous space holder and a great reflector which was essential to me integrating some pieces that hadn't landed for me yet.


I could not be more confident that this is what Jess was born to do. She opened up such a wide world for me in such a short amount of time. I’m so grateful and I’m so soooo excited.

Meghan G.

Jared M.

Sheena L.

Jess has such a gift. She holds space so effortlessly and intuitively, with strength and grace. The container she created held me completely and was attuned to what I needed to hear and feel. Her cueing, music, and presence created safety and transformation in a safe but catalyzing way. In the beginning check in she was really able to read and see me even when I didn't have great words to describe what I was feeling. She's meant to do this work!

Wow. A beautiful experience. Emotions, energy, flow, tears, release. So grateful. My best one-on-one session ever.

I really appreciated the ease with which she approached the session, the attunement with which she updated and customized the playlist and experience on the spot to align with where I was and my intention. The cueing was great, but I also felt something energetic going on that allowed me to really release a worthiness wound that had been sitting in my solar plexus and had never been fully released before.
Image by Aldino Hartan Putra

“It’s not hard to make decisions when you

know what your values are.”

-Roy Disney

In an intimate space with similarly-valued Jewish women who are ready to shake up the world...

  • you will learn how to unhook from the chaos of the mind 

  • deepen awareness of your intuition and felt-senses in the body

  • develop a more sincere, pure relationship with both yourself and the other women in this space than you could’ve ever imagined...


All while being held and guided through the maze of your inner world in a safe, trauma-informed way...

You've landed here for a reason. If you're feeling the pull— let's do this thing.

Cloud in the Sky

Are you ready to answer the whispers of your neshama? 


To trust your intuition?


To awaken the G-dly spark that rests within you?

In your 6-month membership, expect a WORLD CLASS experience.

  • weekly live calls including somatic coaching & breathwork

  • a messaging group for community accountability & support
  • recorded breathwork sessions

  • plus MUCHMUCH MORE (where's the fun in giving away all the dirty deets!?)


*structure is subject to change based on what I see being most supportive
for the group, however my commitment to you is any changes made will
only ever add value, never take away from it. 

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Breathwork is probably the most powerful self-healing modality that exists. Pairing somatic parts work WITH breathwork? A WHOLE ‘NOTHER LEVEL. While in the somatic work you get to know your parts, in the breathwork sessions you’ll process any remaining stuck energy or emotions, breath by breath integrating a new way of being and loving your parts back to into whole. Breath sessions will often invite deeper layers of healing as you drop out of the mind and enter altered states of consciousness through the body.

Somatic coaching draws from the brilliant teachings of Internal Family Systems therapy. In these sessions, the felt-sensations in your body will be our guide as we explore your limiting patterns & beliefs and connect with your “inner child parts”, known as wounded parts and protector parts. When you meet your parts, see and understand them, you can release them from the extreme roles they’ve taken on, often showing up in your life in more ways than you realize. We might meet some breath and gentle movement with somatic parts work as well. Don’t worry if you’re not quite grasping what this all means yet— you will.


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Somatic Breathwork Facilitator

Pause Breathwork

PFT BADGE (1).png

Advanced Level II Breathwork 

Pause Breathwork

*1 of 50 people worldwide with this training.


Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Institute for Integrative Nutrition

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Gut Health

Institute for Integrative Nutrition


More Neshama programs



A 1:1 space for those deeply devoted to healing & growth through more personalized support and guidance. 

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Private Events NYC

Looking to put together a private event for your birthday? Corporate event? Shoot me an email below and I'll get back to you asap!

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