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A high-level, energy-rich community for heart-centered, spiritual Jewish women who are deeply committed to their healing & freedom, to awakening the parts of themselves that have been asleep and to embodying their soul’s divine purpose.

There are no words to explain it– something’s brewing in your world.

Externally, life is life-ing. You're being forced to reevaluate your environment, career, relationships, beliefs— what you thought was right is feeling wrong. There's a "what is going on right now??" feeling. Yet, despite the anxious chaos and fear of the mind, there’s an inner calm and stillness (albeit maybe deep down) in your body that knows everything is exactly as it’s meant to be.

 It's as if your perfectly curated, protective glass bubble is shattering and you’re being called up to something bigger. There’s some fear… and deep down, even a little excitement. But how can you explain it?

Cloud in the Sky

It's the whisper of your neshama... 


Your intuition...


The G-dly spark that rests within you...

It’s your visceral initiation into the mission imprinted

on your soul. 

Are you ready to answer the call?


Neshama connection is the space for you if you're ready to...

Remember your unique gifts & inner power that the world convinced you to tuck away. The ones that came naturally to you as a little girl. The ones thahave been contained for far too long (maybe even generations) and are ready to reemerge. 

Infuse your wounded parts & pieces with love, bringing them back to whole. You will learn how to recognize when you are acting from a "part” and how to self-regulate with techniques to process stress, anxiety and all emotions in real time.

Bring your body back into energetic coherence. Release blockages that have caused physical symptoms and dysregulation throughout your nervous system & entire body. 

Create familiarity with your body's messages & signals. Recognize the cues of your soul vs. your ego, hear the conversation underneath the conversation.  

We’re exchanging the old way–


the “I’m not good enough, loved enough, smart enough” self-sabotage and deceptive doubts of the mind


for the new way–


the “I am loved, enough, needed, seen” true essence of your being. 

Image by Aldino Hartan Putra

If you're ready to experience life through a new pair of lenses, to reestablish a rooted sense of safety in your body, to reclaim your identity and set strong internal & external boundaries... 

In an intimate space with similarly-valued Jewish women...

where you will learn how to unhook the mind & separate from your thoughts, deepen awareness of your intuition and felt-senses in the body, and develop a more sincere, pure relationship with both yourself and the other women than you could’ve ever imagined...


All while being held and guided in a safe, trauma-informed way...

Then let's do this thing, because you've landed exactly where you're meant to be. 

true growth is expedited and amplified when you use somatic healing & breathwork because unlike mindset work alone, you become an actual embodiment of the work

In this 6-month membership, expect a WORLD CLASS experience. weekly live calls including somatic coaching & breathwork, a messaging group for accountability & support, recorded breathwork sessions, two 1:1 calls with me, plus MUCHMUCH MORE. (where's the fun in giving away all 
the dirty deets!?) 

*structure is subject to change based on what I see being most supportive
for the group, however my commitment to you is any changes made will
only ever add value, never take away from it. 

As you’re reading this, there’s a sensation arising in your body. Maybe for you it feels like your heart is about to burst towards the screen. Or there's complete calm & stillness in your gut. Maybe there’s a subtle heat sensation present in your solar plexus. Whatever it is for you, this feeling is familiar. It’s an inner knowing of “this thing is for me.

This space is for the deeply devoted. The all in. If it's not a FULL BODY YES, it's a no.

The star of David with Blossoms on a fru

So, Are you a yes for
NESHAMA CONNECTION?  We're ready when you are.

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